Behind the Scenes at Monumental Network

School, Sports

This piece was a project for my Digital Skills course. Digital Skills was a course that was split between two professors. In the first half of the course, I learned about the fundamentals of audio, photo and video storytelling which help to create compelling and informative content. The second half of the semester focused on learning the basics of Web design, including basic HTML and CSS skills.

This project was for the first half of the course and originally contained audio and photos mixed together in a program called SoundSlides. The purpose of this project, our first one in this course, was to practice the fundamentals of gathering clear, compelling sound, shooting expressive photo/video, and practicing creative digital editing. In addition, these skills help enhance my storytelling abilities with audio and video. However, I could not upload the final product so I have put up the audio file and some of the pictures I included in my project.

For my project, I contacted Hayley Milon, a network host for Monumental Network, and did a behind the scenes look at her job. Monumental Network is a digital platform that serves as a hub for Washington’s sports and entertainment news. It was launched by Monumental Sports and Entertainment which also owns the Wizards, Capitals, and Mystics franchises.

On this particular day, Hayley was working the Washington Wizards, which means she was hosting the American Express Home Court Advantage, the live pre-game show before every home game that is broadcast on the Internet. In addition to interviewing her, I got the opportunity to shadow her, in order to take pictures for my project, as she prepped for the show, ran through a practice show, and filmed the live show with her co-host Jumoke Davis.

This is one of my favorite pieces I’ve worked on in my time as a journalism student. While I am not on a broadcast journalism track with my major, I know how important of an addition audio and video content is to a written story as it creates a different experience. Even though I don’t do many stories in my other courses that contain audio and video elements, I look forward to include them in future stories that I may write in my career.