Evince Magazine July 2016: 20th Anniversary Edition

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I had the opportunity to intern this past summer with Evince Magazine. Evince Magazine is a monthly news magazine covering the arts, entertainment, education, economic development, and lifestyle in Danville, Virginia and the surrounding areas. Evince Magazine is printed and distributed free of charge. Check out one of my stories from the July 2016 issue, titled “Mark & Wendy Hermann: Seeing Potential and Realizing Dreams.” It was featured on the cover of the magazine for that month’s issue. You can also read the article down below.

Dr. Mark Hermann attended college at Emory University in Atlanta, received his medical degree from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. and completed his orthopedic residency training in Charlotte, North Carolina. The next move for Mark, wife Wendy, and newborn daughter Mackenzie was to Danville. He explains why, “The practice [Danville Orthopedic Clinic] and the town seemed like it had a lot of opportunity for growth. I felt like it was small enough that I could be part of change, but large enough to be significant and exciting.” Wendy shares similar sentiments, “We were impressed with the kindness of the people we interviewed and sensed it would be a great place to raise a family.”

During the two-and-a-half decades that the Hermanns have lived in Danville, their family grew. Joining first-born Mackenzie, who is now 26 and works in commercial real estate in Denver, is a sister, Chelsea, 24, who works in New York City, and a brother, Gavin, 22, a senior at Western State Colorado University. During their children’s younger years, the family spent a lot of time together. Their love of the outdoors included cycling, camping, mountain climbing and kayaking. “Our favorite memories with our family are those spent cycling in Italy, rafting the Middle Fork of the Salmon River in Idaho, mountaineering in Ecuador and spending time at Bald Head Island,” comments Wendy. Mark interjects, “We have always felt that providing our children with the opportunity to travel and experience new and unfamiliar people and cultures was far more important than material possessions. By doing this as a family, we have watched our children grow to be independent yet value our collective memories. Whenever we would go camping or do anything outdoors, any conflict they had would disappear.”

The children are adults now and there is more time to focus on other pursuits. For Mark, that is Spectrum Medical Center formerly known as Danville Orthopedic Clinic. Not only did the organization’s name change in April, but the new location for the clinic in the River District is currently undergoing extensive rehabilitation. Mark is the president and managing partner of a 10-member group consisting of six medical partners and four local businessmen who are developing the River District Tower at the corner of Main and Bridge Streets. When the renovations on the historic building are complete in early 2017, the top two floors will be home to Spectrum Medical. Danville Regional Medical Center will occupy the second floor and the ground floor will contain mixed commercial tenant space. The north annex will become the site of a new dining venue including an outdoor deck overlooking the Dan River.

This renovation project has encountered many obstacles over the past six years and Mark admits that rehabbing an historic building is not for the faint of heart. He explains why the development group accepted the challenge, “We chose to renovate because we were excited about the possibilities of this building and its impact on the future of the community.  It was a choice that met many challenges, but will offer a final product that is unique and exciting.  It is far easier to build new, however, and thus it (rehabbing) is a choice that many abandon.  Historic rehab facilities are incredibly interesting and have a special place in preserving history, but it is difficult for private groups to make this workable.  I am glad we were able to succeed.” With the finish almost in sight, Mark remains optimistic about what the future holds.

Medicine is extremely challenging in so many ways, in terms of the way it is delivered and the economics of it. It can be spirit-breaking,” he admits, but quickly adds, “However, this move and our name change is our chance to energize our entire practice. It is an opportunity for us to realize the dreams and goals we all have shared.” And with that statement, a smile appears on Mark Hermann’s face. He knows the best is yet to come, and that is why that move to Danville in 1990 was fortunate for all of us.

  • Spectrum Medical provides a full range of musculoskeletal services including general orthopedics and surgery, physical therapy, clinical research, rheumatology, pain management, spinal surgery, sports rehab, and sports medicine. Offices in Danville are at 125 Executive Drive and 800 Memorial Drive and at 1075 Spruce Street in Martinsville. The new River District Tower will bring all their clinical operations in Danville under one roof. For more information, visit http://www.spectrummed.com or call 434.793.4711 in Danville and 276.790.3233 in Martinsville.

  • The building at 201 Bridge Street, the new home for Spectrum Medical, contains within its 1915 and 1920 façade, the 1882 Mill #1 of Riverside Cotton Mills, which became Dan River Mills in 1946. It was the only textile mill within the Tobacco Warehouse District and was last used by the Dan River Mills Research Division.

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