Evince Magazine July Issue 2016: What Happened in 1996

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I had the opportunity to intern in Summer 2016 with Evince Magazine. Evince Magazine is a monthly news magazine covering the arts, entertainment, education, economic development, and lifestyle in Danville, Virginia and the surrounding areas. Evince Magazine is printed and distributed free of charge. Check out one of my stories from the July 2016 issue, titled “What Else Happened in 1996?” You can also read the article down below.

What Else Happened in 1996?

In addition to Evince being printed for the first time, here are some of the major stories in the Danville area 20 years ago.

The Blizzard of ’96:

During the first weekend of January, a major winter storm hit Danville. About one foot of snow fell in the city while almost twice that amount covered areas just outside the city limits. Local schools were closed for a week.

George Washington High School Wins Basketball State Championship:

In March, the Eagles defeated Hopewell in the state finals in Lynchburg. The team finished the season ranked #4 in the USA Today Final Poll with a record of 28-0. The victory also marked the end GW coach Harry Johnson’s 20 year career.

Hurricane Fran Caused $50 Million In Damage:

Hurricane Fran caused $50 million in damage across Southside and Caswell County, North Carolina in early September. Heavy rain from Fran added to previous precipitation and brought the Dan River out of its banks. Official feared that the Dan River would reach record flood level but luckily that didn’t happen. Trees were uprooted and power lines fell. Thousands of people lost power, some from more than a week.

Twin Springs Elementary School and Gretna Elementary School Opened:

In September, two new local elementary schools opened: Twin Springs Elementary, in Mount Hermon, and Gretna Elementary. The schools were built with funds from a $23.5 million bond issue that was approved by country voters in May 1993.

The Danville Science Center Enjoyed Its First Full Year:

After opening in late December 1995 amid much fan-fare, the Danville Science Center really blossomed during its first full year. In 1996 alone, more than 400 local members signed up to support the facility, more than 100 people volunteered their time in varying capacities, and that May alone, about 1,800 school children toured the center.

Milton, N.C. Celebrated Its 200th Birthday:

The town of 216 people celebrated its bicentennial with proclamations, music and lights. The town was chartered by the state on Dec. 23, 1796, “to establish a Town and inspection of Tobacco and flour in Caswell County, near the mouth of Country Line creek on the land of Asa Thomas,” according to the town’s charter.


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